Thunderstorms Shut Down Country Thunder

Fans Forced to Evacuate Night One

On Thursday (July 21) evening, when the skies looked ominous in Twin Lakes, Wisc., officials at the Country Thunder Music Festival postponed the show.

“Hey CT! We've got a bit of weather coming through so we are temporarily holding the main stage performances until it clears - stay tuned,” they posted on social media, then added, “We are still watching the weather and will let you know as soon as everything is clear - sorry for the delay folks, mother nature wanted to join country thunder for a bit!”

But a few hours later, when the thunderstorms were imminent, the show was completely cancelled and fans were sent home or back to their campsites.

Chris Young, who was scheduled to perform from 10-11:30 p.m. on what was to be the first night of the four-night festival, made a video to let his fans know that he was just as disappointed as they were.

“Obviously the show’s been cancelled due to weather," he says. "I really hate that I’m not gonna get to go out there. This was gonna be my first time to headline the show. But I will be back. Just know if you had a ticket for tonight that was a one-day pass, it will be honored tomorrow. So show up, and enjoy the music. Y'all stay dry out there and I’ll see you soon.”

Country Thunder is typically a rain-or-shine event, but Thursday night’s storms were severe enough to shut it down.

Anyone who had a one-day pass for Thursday’s cancelled shows can use that pass to attend Friday’s show, when Florida Georgia Line will be headlining.

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