If Juliette Barnes Is Pregnant, What Will 'Nashville' Do?

Forget for just a minute that Juliette Barnes is not real. Forget she's just a character on Nashville. And pretend she is the one who is pregnant -- and not Hayden Panettiere, who plays her on the show.

And think about all the possibilities this means for Nashville.

I mean, sure, they could film Juliette from the shoulders up for the upcoming season, and Panettiere's pregnancy would never even have to be part of the show.

Or -- and this is the way I'm leaning -- the writers could write that baby bump into the season opener.

The most obvious way to do that is to make the baby the love child created in the BMI conference room during a one-night-stand quickie with Jeff Fordham. Can you even imagine to custody battle that would rip Juliette and Jeff apart once and for all?

But the baby could also be Avery's. He'd be a good father. At least now. I might not have said that in the first season, but he's matured and grown on all of us. He would certainly be the more stable parent in that little Barkley-Barnes family.

And then just for fun, consider what would happen if Juliette revealed she'd secretly fallen back in love with Charlie Wentworth and the baby was his.

No matter who the baby daddy is, I love the idea of watching Juliette juggle motherhood and stardom. Because she has the very best role model of all in Rayna.

As for the real life pregnancy news, reported by Us Weekly, I wish the best to Panettiere and her finance, Ukrainian heavyweight professional boxer Wladimir Klitschko.

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