Jana Kramer: "Love Was My Drug"

“I’ve Done Love” Was a Song Waiting for Her

When Jana Kramer planned a lunch date with songwriter Nicolle Galyon, she probably never imagined it would come to this: her brand new single, "I've Done Love," to be released Aug. 18.

But after a couple of glasses of wine at Midtown Nashville's Tavern, and before their food even arrived, the two women had told each other their life stories. And where there are life stories, there are country songs.

Kramer told me about the instant connection the two women had that day.

"I told her my story and touched on relationships and my journey, and she told me hers. And the next day, she said, 'I have this song,'" Kramer recalled.

Her next thought -- after hearing it -- was, "This is the song. This is so me. I've been tipsy but never drunk. And I don't have the sting of needle, and I haven't woken up with a bottle, but I've done love."

"Love was my drug," she said when we caught up on her tour bus before a recent show.

Galyon looks back on that lunch just as fondly.

"After about two glasses of wine, we were more than friends," Galyon told me. "We had shared our whole life stories. All the messy, raw, real life stories.

"Then not long after, I was writing with Shane McAnally and he brought up 'I've Done Love,' a song that had been written for at least a year already. And after knowing Jana's story, it felt like it was just sitting there waiting for her."

The lyrics compare the ups and downs of love with the ups and downs of the hard stuff. As in, you can take hits, wake up hungover, go on midnight binges and get your fix in a back alley even if you've never touched a drop or a drug.

The song -- written by Galyon, McAnally and Josh Osborne -- is one that Kramer says has a groove to it, but it's definitely a country one.

"I'll always do country music," she said. "I sing the songs I want to sing. I'm doing me now.

"I've grown a lot from where I started, and I'm excited for people to hear that. This is the start of something really great."

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