Dolly Parton Details 'Dumplin’' Soundtrack

Partners with Hitmaker Linda Perry for Collaborative Compilation

Dolly Parton often says that for a dream to come true, one has to put their legs, wings, feet and everything else they have into pursuing it. Otherwise, that dream will sit and rot as a wish.

She revisited this popular Dollyism when she participated in the annual “Leading Ladies” panel discussion at Nashville’s Music Biz conference this week.

Parton was among the eight panelists along with hitmaker Linda Perry (Christina Aguilera, Pink) and Maren Morris’ manager, Janet Weir. And all shared stories about their time in music and expressed the importance of uplifting others while on the job.

According to Variety, the moderator cited a line of Parton’s in which she said, “I dreamed myself into a corner,” and Parton explained the line is essentially her way of holding herself accountable for her own experiences.

“When I was a little kid I always dreamed of being this,” she said. “I wanted to be a star -- I wanted to shine and make money and travel and wanted my songs to be heard and show off, I guess. And all of my dreams came true!

“So now I have to work. People ask, ‘How do you work all the time?’ Because I dreamed myself into a corner and I have to be responsible for those dreams. And I couldn’t be happier, because every dream I have brings on a new dream, like a tree with deep roots and branches and a lotta leaves, and every time something happens it makes something else happen.

“I like being there, but it is a big responsibility.”

Parton and Perry also confirmed they are working on a movie soundtrack for Dumplin’, a new film starring Jennifer Aniston. The compilation features Parton collaborations on six new songs co-written with Perry and updated versions of previously released Parton originals.

According to Billboard, the film is based on Julie Murphy’s best-selling book about a plus-sized girl who competes in a beauty pageant to defy her mom, who is a former pageant queen.

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