Premiere: Meghan Linsey And Tyler Cain Even Find Romance Going "Nowhere With You"

New video captures an incredible moment in the lives of the veteran tandem.

Louisiana-born vocalist Meghan Linsey joins forces with her fiance, producer/vocalist Tyler Cain, for the beautiful ballad "Nowhere With You." The video for the song dovetailed with a particularly amazing moment in the duo's lives:

It was the day Cain proposed.

To People Magazine, Linsey -- best known for her prior work in duo Steel Magnolias -- noted, "We drove out to Homer, which is one of our favorite places, and headed down to the beach at Land’s End. I thought we were just walking down to check out the location, but when we walked up, the videographer [Noah Douglass] was already flying the drone around us. I assumed he was just testing everything out, but it did seem a little strange. That’s when Tyler got down on one knee, and that’s when I knew. I’m not easy to surprise, but he got me!"

To CMT, the singer continues, "We shot this music video literally 5 minutes after we got engaged on the beach in Homer, Alaska while we were on tour. It was such an exciting trip anyways, but we always remember how happy we were to get to be together in such a beautiful place. The ocean, glaciers, and wildlife make it so magical." She adds, [The video's director, Noah Douglass] recorded Tyler's marriage proposal with hidden cameras right before the music video shoot, so he definitely had his hands full that day!"

As far as post-shoot wedding plans, Linsey already has something in mind. "I’d love to do something with a New Orleans flair to it. That’s where I’m from, and Tyler loves New Orleans too. It’s just who we are.”

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