Premiere: Brett Eldredge's "Good Day" Is a Heartwarming Reminder That Better Days Are Ahead

The crooner's latest has a timeless feeling that he thinks, "say[s] something important and special to me"

Award-winning and chart-topping Midwest native Brett Eldredge returns for 2021 with "Good Day," a single that reminds us all that love can still be felt by all of us, "though the sun ain't even shining." The Ian Fitchuk and Daniel Tashian co-written ballad provide a heartwarming moment to pause and reflect on the joys still-apparent in our lives.

The song's video is a compilation of Zoom clips and self-shot videos of Eldredge's fans from the Armed Forces, families quarantining, and even couples proposing marriage, offering a semblance of life and wholesome vibes in the midst of the pandemic. The single is the latest from Eldredge's July 2020-released album Sunday Drive, which has already yielded the top-40 single "Gabrielle." "Good Day" follows his holiday season duet "Under The Mistletoe" with Kelly Clarkson.

Eldredge feels a timeless connection to a song that has helped him overcome his anxiety as a performer and aided his self-development.

To People, he adds, "Any time I start to feel that creeping in, I'm like, I don't need that. I need music. I need art. I need to say something important and special to me, and that's going to be special to somebody else. I feel like I'm bringing something to the world more than just something that's gonna give you a good feeling for a few weeks, and then you move on.

"I want you to think ["Good Day"] for the rest of your life, and walk down the aisle to that, and play that at your 80th birthday."

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