CMT PREMIERE: Midland Delivers Mini-Movie for "Sunrise Tells the Story"

Midland's Cameron Duddy and his wife Harper Duddy directed the video for "Sunrise Tells the Story"

"We need a to create a diversion," Jess Carson told Cameron Duddy in Midland's new video for their song, "Sunrise Tells the Story. "I've got an idea. Let me punch you in the face."

The men say they didn't hit each other, but Duddy – who also directed the video alongside his wife, Harper Duddy - takes a spectacular tumble into the swimming pool.

Penned by Aaron Raitiere, Jessi Alexander, Jess Carson, "Sunrise Tells the Story" details a couple who unexpectedly hook up and don't know where the situation will lead after the first night. The song is thick Midland's harmonies and carries a smooth groove for which the band is known.

The elaborate video expands on the song's lyrics, with the Duddys creating a mini-movie that casts band members Duddy, Carson, and singer Mark Wystrach as Marines. They're clad in dress uniforms at a party for their commanding officer when Wystrach is captivated by the officer's daughter. Carson and Duddy create the diversion when the officer gets an inkling that his daughter might be connecting with Wystrach.

"We've always loved pop culture and the way it threads through how people live," the band said. "Done properly, it becomes what people reference in their lives. When we were trying to think of how to represent this song, we wanted something more than just the obvious reference to a guy and a girl getting together. We hope this brings the song to life in a fun way for everyone."

The men said they loved the creative process, which gave Wystrach – a former soap opera actor - the opportunity to show off his acting chops and the three of them the chance to visit their old California stomping grounds.

"The entire shoot was a great time, from driving that beautiful Bronco around Hollywood to throwing each other in the pool with fake punches," they said. "Thankful to Tecovas and Insolito for being such great partners on this video as well. They are a lot of fun to work with."

Midland said they wanted to use the video to show people their personal dynamic, which they've often referred to as brother-like.

"How do you show our friendship in a way that's not just a bunch of guys on the road?" they said. "We hope that shines through and makes it a fun one for our fans to watch. We love the way it turned out. It's a lot of fun and just shows the three of us being us. It's not so serious or so much a sexy video. If there's anyone who's going to be a little fast and loose at a party, no matter where, it's us...So, mission accomplished. Hope everyone enjoys it."

"Sunrise Tells the Story" is from Midland's EP "The Last Resort."

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