World Premiere: Brett Young's Best Plans Get "Wrecked" in Heartwarming New Video

"Catch" Takes the Star Back to His Stomping Grounds: the Pitcher's Mound

What's that famous Yiddish proverb? "Man plans. God laughs." Wise words that definitely apply to Brett Young's life story.

The singer-songwriter is celebrating the world premiere of the video for his single "Catch" today, a video whose journey in many ways mirrors his own.

"I definitely reference that quote a lot and it’s such a good and accurate reflection of what has happened in my life," Young told

You'll recognize the location in the video instantly: the University of Mississippi, Young's alma mater.

"My wife and I got engaged in Oxford, Mississippi and our families spent Thanksgiving together last year. It’s a special place for us and hopefully will be to our baby girl, too. I’m looking forward to taking her to her first baseball game for sure," he said.

It's a happy place for the singer, though the shoot was a little bittersweet for Young, as it brings back memories of another time, almost another life for the former Ole Miss baseball star sidelined by an injury. For the shoot at the beloved university, Young teamed up with his friend Seth Kupersmith, who also directed the video for "Mercy," to bring this inspiring story to life.

"It was definitely bittersweet, but almost felt full circle too. It was pretty special to be back there for a music video, the past meeting the present."

And present-day Young is living a new dream he really didn't know was possible. It's a great reminder for Young's fans and all of us that sometimes our plans are wrecked before they wreck us.

"I hope they can see that even if something doesn’t work out how you wanted or planned, there might be something better for you around the corner."

Exhibit A: Brett Young, former baseball pitcher turned ACM-winning and CMT Music Award nominated country star, loving husband, and soon-to-be first-time father.

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