Sam Hunt Won't Jump to Miranda Lambert Conclusions

His Lips Are Sealed During Walk Through Airport Security

There are two remarkable things about this new TMZ video.

1) Sam Hunt is too classy to say anything about Miranda Lambert’s divorce.

2) Sam Hunt is too classy to stop the conversation with the cameraman even as he’s going through airport security at LAX.

The conversation starts with casual stuff, like his new faux-leopard boots. Then Hunt reveals that, in his opinion, women swoon over country stars because of the actual music.

“There’s the charm that comes along with the music, I guess,” he says.

But when talk turns to whether or not the music is better when you’re in love or out of love, Hunt will only speak for himself. Miranda Lambert’s name -- and her marital status -- comes up, but Hunt won’t theorize on whether or not her divorce will change her music.

“Her music? I don’t know,” he says. “I know when I’m going through stuff, my songwriting gets better.”

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