How to Make a Pumpkin Beer-Funnel

'Party Down South''s Daddy Shows You How It's Done

Thought funneling beers was crazy? Try funneling beer from a pumpkin. Now, that's Daddy Hard! This holiday season, Daddy brings true innovation to the beer funnel game with the pumpkin beer-funnel as seen on Party Down South: Drunksgiving.

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Step One: Get a funnel, a pumpkin and a few feet of plastic tubing. You'll need the funnel in case the entire project goes all to heck and you run out of pumpkins to use. Or you can visit for a funnel signed by the one and only, Daddy.

Step Two: Find a pumpkin and split it in half -- with your head. Think about how much you hate chickens, and go for it.

Step Three: It might take a few tries ...

Step Four: OK, that hurts. Find a friend, if Walt isn't around, and ask them to help you cut it. It's way easier.

Step Five: Eat the pumpkin. Waste not, want not.

Step Six: Take duct tape and secure the plastic tubing to the pumpkin. You know what they say, if you can't duct it, then ...

Step Seven: Fill it with beer, of course.

Step Eight: Try it out! Place the tube in your mouth first, duh.

Step Nine: Hold that pumpkin funnel up to the sky and take that sucker down. If you are feeling like a pro, try taking down a Jell-o shot.

Step 10: Find Tiffany (or any other Marlin) and have them feed you dinner. After bashing all those pumpkins with your head and funneling beer, your motor skills might not be up to par. Happy Thanksgiving, y'all.

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