Exclusive: Niko Moon And Wife Anna Expecting First Baby: "I Am Meant To Be A Father"

Niko Moon is destined to pull at your heartstrings with unreleased pregnancy song, "I Can't Wait To Love You."

The holiday season will be arriving early this year for Niko Moon and his wife Anna, as they will welcome their first child in November. The country couple has been trying to start a family for nearly two years, making their daughter a blessing from above.

Ahead of a festival performance in Chicagoland, the "GOOD TIME" singer exclusively revealed that their pregnancy journey has been far from easy, and they are now itching to become parents.

"I am meant to be a father," Moon told CMT. "I am so grateful that we're having a baby girl. It's been a really long process. My wife has a rare genetic condition called hereditary leiomyomatosis [HLRCC]. It took two years of getting that figured out, so we could have a baby."

During an annual check-up at the OB-GYN in 2020, Anna found out she had uterine fibroids. According to the Mayo Clinic, the condition appears typically during the childbearing years and causes growths within the uterus. After struggling to conceive, the two explored their options and decided to do IVF [in-vitro fertilization].

"One to 200 women in the world have this, and it makes you very prone to cancer. She had about nine tumors that were growing inside of her uterus. So, she had surgery to remove all the tumors.Then she needed to do IVF. So, we did three rounds of IVF," he explained before pointing to a large box. "She could fill up this box with all the needles she injected herself with. So, the respect level for my wife could not be higher. What she has gone through to make this a reality for our family is massive," he added with gratitude.

After discovering they were pregnant with their miracle baby, they settled on the name – Lily Anne Moon. The vocalist clarified the origin of their daughter's name and why it holds sentimental value.

"Her middle name is the family name. My mama's middle name is Anne, and my wife's mama's middle name is Anne. Then Lily, we just love Lillys. We just thought it was a beautiful, soft name," Moon said. "It's very round from a songwriter's perspective. I don't know how to explain it, but the letters are soft not hard."

In true singer-songwriter fashion, the two placed pen to paper to channel their excitement. Together they co-wrote an unreleased track called, "I Can't Wait To Love You." Moon said that his wife held onto the song title for over a month, after he uttered the words in a heartfelt video for his unborn child.

"The moment we found out, she grabbed her phone and videoed me," he shared. "She grabbed her phone and went, 'say something to our baby.' I was like, 'we just found out that you're coming into our lives. We can't wait to meet you.' The last thing I say in the video is, 'I can't wait to love you.' Days later, she brought it up. It stuck with her."

Anna is a savvy songwriter who has played a vital role in her husband's flourishing career. The pop artist has songwriting credits on every track Moon has released to date. However, the fast-rising star believes that "I Can't Wait To Love You" will be their best collaboration yet.

"This is probably the most special song my wife and I have ever written together," he said with confidence. "It's about our baby. It's such an unusual moment where you're falling in love with someone you haven't met yet – this is the only time. Every day I feel close, I'm getting closer and closer. Writing a song about that unique relationship between a parent and child before they are here, is a true pregnancy song."

While Moon is known for his Bob Marley mentality and upbeat bangers, he took it down a notch to deliver the poignant lyrics. The lullaby-like melody is destined to become a timeless track that parents will use for years to come. The gentle instrumentals, spotlights Moon's natural Georgia drawl and display Anna's angelic vocals in the background.

Moon hopes the wholesome tune resonates with fans of all ages.

"I feel like it's a very relatable song. It comes from an angle that I've never heard before. You can relate to the track if you're waiting one day to have that experience [pregnancy]. Even If you don't plan on having kids, you can still relate to it from when you were a child with your parents," he added.

Moon has not revealed the official release date, but confirmed that new music is on the horizon and will be out "very soon." The happy-go-lucky vocalist is slated to roll out a handful of original material within the next few months.

"I want to constantly just come out with music. We're building this musical family of 'Good Timers,' who identify with the mentality of the music. Watching it grow has been amazing. I love making music, we're in it together," he declared. "It's going to be more like singles coming out, but there will definitely be a big drop."

Until Moon has dad duties to juggle, he plans on hitting the road and teasing the up-coming-tracks. The "Coastin'" artist will kick off his nationwide trek in Ohio on Sept. 30 and wrap in early November, just before his little girl arrives. Tickets are available for purchase, here.

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