Kalie Shorr Details 'Awake' EP

New Seven-Song Collection Arrives January 26

Kalie Shorr, one of the most articulate rising artists in today's mainstream country music, will release her next EP, Awake on January 26.

The seven-song collection features the lead single "Two Hands" and follows 2017's Slingshot EP and 2016's Y2k Mixtape, the latter of which included her break out anthem "Fight Like a Girl."

Shorr, a member of the CMT Next Women of Country program, started the new album in summer 2017.

"This project is the first time I've tuned everything else out but my own gut feeling on who I am and what makes me unique," she said in a release. "This past summer, I bought a new electric guitar, met an amazing producer, and fell back in love with the records that made me want to write songs in the first place. Before I knew it, the Awake EP was born. I couldn't be more excited for its release. This record feels like the most authentic introduction to me I could give anyone."

The new music will be part of Shorr's set when she and RaeLynn join the Next Women of Country Presents Sara Evans All the Love Tour. The 15-city run launches Feb. 12 in New York City.

Here is the complete track listing for Shorr's Awake EP:

1. "Awake"

2. "Two Hands"

3. "Candy"

4. "Backseat"

5. "Damn Sky"

6. "Who What When Where Why"

7. "Cool Kids"

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