Watch: Granger Smith Reveals His Debut Movie "Moonrise" Is Out in December

"It's about a country singer (imagine that) who's really stubborn (sounds familiar)."

Granger Smith is stepping into a different kind of spotlight. The country singer revealed this week filmed a Pureflix movie called "Moonrise" earlier this year. The film serves as Smith's movie debut and will premiere on December 15.

"It's about a country singer (imagine that) who's really stubborn (sounds familiar)," Smith wrote on Instagram. "I have a lot to tell y'all about, including an entire album I wrote for the film that comes out…VERY soon."

"Moonrise" is about faith, forgiveness and tells the story of one family's struggle to heal.

The emotional core of "Moonrise" comes from writer and director Vickie Bronaugh's personal experience following her mother's death.

"The Christmas after my mother passed away, my father was lost," Bronaugh said. "At Christmas Eve at my sister's ranch, my father wouldn't get up and go in. There was a supermoon on the horizon, and it just shined this white light on us. As it rose, it got brighter and brighter, and we all just sit there quiet. After that happened, my father just stood up and said, 'Let's go inside.'"

The moment inspired the film. In addition to Smith, "Moonrise" also includes Sonya Balmores (SOUL SURFER), Wally Welch (Yellowstone, THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN) and introduces Piper Clurman, Kace Winfield and Jaxon Noble Pickens. The movie was produced by Sean McNamara (REAGAN, SOUL SURFER) and David Brookwell (SOUL SURFER).

In "Moonrise," Smith plays Will Brown, a former country singer who pushes away his family, fame and faith following his wife's death. His daughter, Ellie (played by Piper Clurman), and a horse trainer (played by Sonya Balmores) show him the strength, forgiveness and grace to live his life again.

"This is a powerful movie with a very relational message. Will is grieving his wife and unable to forgive himself for past decisions, all while trying to raise and protect his kids," Smith said in a statement.

"He's a complicated man carrying pain and guilt. But it's not until he's intentional about healing that he can move forward. It's a brilliant story about redemption and forgiveness."

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