Where Thomas Rhett Got His Tour Name

Inspired by His Uncle’s Love of Widespread Panic

Over the weekend, Thomas Rhett played a show just outside of Chicago. After that, he went on to play for fans in Minnesota. Then he'll move on to Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, West Virginia and so on.

And wherever he is, he'll be part of that city's home team.

In a recent radio interview, Rhett explained the story behind naming his Home Town Tour.

"My Uncle Eli, when I was in about third grade, was battling leukemia," he said. "And for an entire year, him and a buddy traveled all over the country and went to almost 200 Widespread Panic concerts."

His uncle noticed that wherever they were, the band would start the show with a shout-out to that city.

"And Eli was just like, 'God, everywhere they go, they're just pulling for that town.' So he started just making stickers and T-shirts and it just said, 'Home Team.'"

With his uncle's permission, Thomas Rhett brought that idea back and is using it for his own tour.

"Being in Chicago, it's like we want to eat local, we want to drink local, we want to pull for your team. If I'm in Cleveland, I'm gonna wear a Cavaliers jersey.

"Really letting those fans know that I am from Nashville, but tonight, I'm with you," he said.

The next stop on the Home Team Tour is Thursday (March 9) in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

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