Chris Young Denies Miranda Lambert Divorce Rumor

Recently Referred to Social Media as a "Gut Check"

This is not how Chris Young likes to use social media.

He does not want to have to go on Twitter to explain that, no, he did not in fact have an affair with Miranda Lambert. But on Tuesday (July 21), after rumors started circulating that he’d been one of the causes of her high-profile divorce from Blake Shelton, Young had to speak out.

Young's tweet just says, as plainly as possibly, that the gossip is just that. Gossip. And totally false.

When Young was in Chicago just about a week ago, he told me he usually tries to ignore the kind of negativity he sees on social media.

“But sometimes, it really is such a gut check,” he said. “It definitely upsets you when you see someone on there, like if someone’s commenting that my music sucks. I love just ignoring those people because, really, there’s nothing to say.

“That’s not what it’s supposed to be for. It’s for discovery and connecting and seeing what friends are up to. Some people just try to use it to shame people, and I have zero time for that."

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