Miranda Lambert and the Dogs That Ground Her

Rescues Make Her Bus Feel Like Home

In the August issue of Good Housekeeping, Miranda Lambert admits that it's her rescue dogs - Delta Dawn, Cher and Bellamy - that keep her grounded while she is on the road for her Keeper of the Flame tour.

Those three dogs are just a few of the seven that Lambert has right now, and she says that when they're on the road with her, the tour bus does get a little crowded. But, "They're happy as long as they have a spot that's theirs."

And best of all, when she is on the road and away from her home, family and friends, the dogs provide a welcome bit of familiarity.

"It feels a little more like home when they're here with me," Lambert said.

Because Lambert and her mom Bev want to increase awareness and adopt rescue dogs, they started MuttNation in 2009. The foundation helps Lambert get her message to the masses: "Don't forget--love a shelter pet."

One of the things Lambert loves most about the rescue process is that she has a pretty strong feeling that she isn't always the one doing the choosing.

"I'm convinced the dogs pick their owner," she said, "instead of the other way around."

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