Maren Morris And Ryan Hurd Talk About Recording A Duet Album: "I Think It'd Be Fun"

Ryan Hurd reveals a collaboration with his wife, Maren Morris could be on the horizon.

Powerhouse vocalist Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd delivered a romantic duet to "I Can't Love You Anymore" during the 2022 CMT Music Awards on Monday, April 11, and now fans are craving more from the country couple.

The diary-like anthem lives on Morris' recently released record "Humble Quest," but the chart-topping artist is already talking about her next project and it might just be with her labelmate she calls her husband. Hurd caught up with "Taste of Country Nights" host Evan Paul to dish on the conversation and potential collaboration.

"She brought it up the other day," the singer told Paul. "We were listening to the radio, and she was like, 'If we ever did a record together, I'd want this guy to produce it'... So, it was the first time that she ever brought it up," he added.

Hurd did not mention the producer's name, but shared that he would also like to hit the road with his superstar wife as well.

"I think it'd be fun. I think people would enjoy that," he pointed out. "We've talked about the idea of it. I don't think there's any solid plans yet to do something like that, but hey, I guess it would count toward both of our record deals to do an album together, so we might as well."

Hurd confirmed that the wheels are not in motion for the project just yet, but declared that they have enough material to whip up a collection.

"We could record an album tomorrow and have it out in two weeks," he said to the outlet. "We've written so many songs together over the years and so many great ones that no one's ever heard that, at least, I love. It wouldn't be hard to put something together."

Until the two follow through with the potential album, Morris is using her time wisely and is joining forces with other musicians. Guitarist and music phenomenon John Mayer recently (April 13) performed at Nashville's Bridgestone Arena, and ticket-holders received a surprise from Morris.

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The multi-platinum artist jumped on stage with Mayer to sing "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room." The captivating duet did not just win over the audience, but also the music agents at the concert. Following the show, Morris took to Instagram to share a short snippet of the cover and a rare encounter.

"Hello, Maren can't be reached right now because she went back to 2006 and told her younger self this would happen in the year 2022 and her brain exploded," she wrote in the caption. "I told John after the show that I briefly popped by my agency's suite during the show, and all the agents and artists were watching & enjoying the music, not schmoozing. MUSIC AGENTS…not talking during the show…I don't know if you realize how utterly unheard of that is and how captivating the music had to have been for that to happen😂 I left without bothering them because it was so sweet to watch them all so locked in," she concluded.

She continued to thank Mayer for bringing his "new light to Nashville" and "blessing" everyone's ears. Breakout star Brittney Spencer was in the audience and confirmed in the comments that it was a special moment.

"Incredible 🙌🏾 the fact that I got to witness this up close and personal last night is blowing my whole mind. Such an incredible show, start to finish 🔥 💛," praised Spencer.

This is not the first time Morris performed alongside Mayer, as the two delivered a remarkable rendition of the smash hit, "The Bones" at the 2021 Grammys.

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