Dolly Parton Offers Information Not Advice: "Nobody Wants To Make Out with a Slouch"

Did she insure her most famous assets: "You can get new boobs, but you can't get new legs."

Dolly Parton is making the media rounds to talk about her new line of Duncan Hines baking goods, but more spice is spilling from those conversations than sugar.

"I always say, 'I don't give advice, but I've got some information,'" Parton told E! News program Daily Pop.

This time, all of Parton's information was about looking nice for her husband, Carl. The couple has been married for 55 years, and the "Jolene" singer still wants him to find her attractive.

"I like to dress up for Carl," she said. "Every day, I put on some makeup and fix my hair because I think, 'Well … I'm out here and everybody else sees me all dressed up, and I'm not going to just kind of go home and just flop on him.'"

Recently, Parton took that dedication to the next level when she revived the bunny costume she wore on the cover of Playboy in 1978. She slid back into it last July for her husband's 79th birthday and even cooked him breakfast in it.

"He got a kick out of it, and evidently, a few other people did, too!" she said.

She added: "It's important to me that I look as good as I can. I think it kind of helps keep things spicy. Nobody wants to make out with a slouch."

Parton then chatted with "Today" show hosts about her most famous assets.

"Years ago, was it Betty Grable or one of the great famous stars that was famous also for her legs?" Parton said. "At that time, I said, 'Well maybe I should get my boobs insured since I'm famous for them.'"

She explained the quip was a joke, and she didn't do it.

Then Parton added: "You can get new boobs, but you can't get new legs."

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