CMT Premiere: Cody Jinks Makes New "Outlaws and Mustangs" Video A Family Affair

Cody Jinks: "The important things in life show themselves when family is near."

Cody Jinks made his new video for "Outlaws and Mustangs" a family affair when he engaged his father and daughter in the shoot. He called it "really special, and the fans will see three generations of hard-headed Jinks people."

Jinks wrote "Outlaws and Mustangs" with "Tennessee Jet." Ryan Hewitt and Joshua Thompson produced the song, and Lagan Sebert with Hometeam Global Content produced the video. Erica Alexandria Silverman directed the clip.

"The video was a concept I had and was able to convey it to Erica who could see it in a video," Jinks said.

The "Outlaws and Mustangs" video combines candid scenes of Jinks' family with footage of him singing in a bar to marry both sides of his life.

"The first day of the shoot was indoors and it was really nice outside," he said. "The second day the weather got cold, and we were shooting outside. The cast and crew were awesome, and I'm really proud of everyone."

Jinks said he liked the video as soon as he saw it but knew it needed a few edits.

"I'm pretty quick to know if I like something or not, and I knew right away I liked it," he explained.

He hopes fans see family when they watch the video.

"My family is no different than any others; we have our problems and our arguments like everyone," he said. "The important things in life show themselves when family is near."

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