Tim McGraw: "At 53, I Probably Don't Self-Examine As Much As I Should"

Hear Him Open Up About Falling Apart

Tim McGraw is on the verge of a lot of things right now. Mainly, tears.

With his upcoming album Here On Earth due out later this month, McGraw admitted in a recent radio interview that he is emotional. Really, really emotional. Probably just a side effect of the quarantine, but still. He is all in his feels, for sure.

“At 53, I probably don’t self-examine as much as I should," McGraw said, "but I think I’m learning that I’m getting more and more emotional.

"I’m getting more and more emotional about everything," he admitted, "and maybe I’ve been heading that direction for a while but maybe this time has really sped that process up. I mean, I can cry at commercials now. It’s ridiculous.”

And in his CMT HitStory, McGraw even opened up about how would fall apart every time he got to the chorus in his "I Called Mama."

So if you see McGraw getting a little choked up over things like his wife Faith Hill's Fireflies anniversary, or his friend Lori McKenna's new album, or the love line running through the palm of his hand, now you know why.

The latest single off McGraw's Here on Earth is "Hallelujahville," written by Tom Douglas, Blake Griffith and Brett Taylor.

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