Watch Carrie Underwood Dishing on The Rachael Ray Show

Letting Her Chickens Live the Good Life Has Changed Her Mind About Eggs

The irony of watching Carrie Underwood and Rachael Ray mixing up a crustless quiche is that Underwood used to avoid eggs altogether. She'd seen documentaries about the mistreatment of egg-laying hens in factory farms, and she took eggs off her list.

Then she got her own chickens.

"They are sweet and happy little pets, and we very much enjoy getting fresh eggs from them every day," Underwood shared in her new book Find Your Path. And she told Ray what she told the chickens: “The day they got there I was like, ‘Ladies, you just hit the jackpot. You’re just gonna be our little pets and you’re gonna live here forever, and live the good life.’”

While Underwood caught up with Ray on The Rachael Ray Show -- her episode will air on Monday (March 9) -- they made Carrie and Mike's Favorite Crustless Quiche, which is really more veggies than eggs. (And I'm no expert, but I think the absence of a crust actually makes this more frittata than quiche.)

Underwood told Ray that her son Isaiah is a picky eater, so they have a house rule. "We have a thing where it’s just like, 'You just have to try it.' And I’m hoping one day he actually starts liking things, but he likes carrots, and he likes spinach," she said, adding, "I’m not a good meat-cooker because I’m not a good meat-eater. So I will do all of the veggies and all of the sides and if (husband Mike) wants meat, he's going to have to make that himself."

Underwood's book also finally reveals the biscuits and chocolate gravy breakfast she's been talking about ever since she walked off the American Idol stage in 2005. She includes her mom's recipe plus her own healthier version, so you can decide for yourself exactly how indulgent you want to be.

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