Joe Hanson Shares Message Of "Authentic, Inspired Love" With "When He Was Making Me"

"God has someone out there for them," says the performer

"...people are able to see me and May together. She is the woman I wrote it for and being able to show the authentic inspiration for the love in the song I think really allows the song to shine," says singer-songwriter Joe Hanson about his latest video for "When He Was Making Me." He continues, "sharing the experience [of making the video] with [his girlfriend, Macey Mayes] just made it all the more fun."

Hanson and Mayes' love is truly heaven-sent in its inspiration. "God has someone out there for them and to not lose hope. He made someone whom he’s had in mind for you long before you were ever created. It’s easy to believe God doesn’t pay attention to those kinds of needs and overlooks them but take it from me, he is very attentive to our needs. In fact, the Word says he knows what we need before we even ask him and prayer. I would encourage those who haven’t found that person yet to really use the time to learn how to love themselves and become the best version of who they can be and let God bring you to that person in his timing (which is always good.. obviously much easier said than to fully believe but trust me it really is)," writes Hanson.

COntinuing regarding the video's overall message, he adds, "For those who do believe they have found that person or are married or dating, I would encourage them to not be afraid to work at their relationship. Every relationship requires work for them to maintain enjoyment, happiness, and growth together as you go through different seasons as a team."

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