Keith Urban: Why He’s a High School Dropout

"I've Got Nothing Against School"

For someone who dropped out of school at 15, Keith Urban was really persuasive when he was a teenager.

“For me, I was in public school and the curriculum was super basic," he said. "I was already playing in a band on the weekend and the band would play during the week without me

"I said to my mom, ‘If I wasn’t in school, I could be playing five, six nights a week, earning really good money playing four hours a night, getting amazing experience,'" he explained to rationalize his decision. "Obviously, this is what I’m going to be doing my whole life. I’ve been doing this since I was 7. I’m 15 now. I’d really like to quit school.’”

His parents were supportive, obviously. But now that he’s a father himself, he knows how important school is in the big picture. It just wasn’t for him.

“I’ve got kids now and they’re in school," he said in a new interview with AZ Central. "And look, I’ve got nothing against school. Good lord. I always have to put it in perspective.”

Although, Urban admits that when he looks back on his decision to leave school, two months after he turned 15 and right after getting his junior certificate at his Caboolture State High School in Australia, he doesn’t wish he’d stayed longer.

“There were points where I wish I had quit sooner,” he said.

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