Beyoncé Releases Country Songs, But Will Country Radio Play Them?

"Texas Hold' Em" and "16 Carriages" are from Beyoncé's upcoming album "Renaissance Act II" that will be available March 29.

Four days after Beyoncé released two new country-influenced songs the night of Sunday night's Super Bowl - country radio was still hesitant to play them.

Beyoncé dropped "Texas Hold' Em" and "16 Carriages," and in the songs' first 24 hours on the market, "Texas Hold' Em" had only been played nine times on country stations, according to Billboard. No country stations played "16 Carriages" in the timespan.

The songs are from Beyoncé's upcoming album "Renaissance Act II" that will be available March 29.

Beyoncé's record label, Columbia, officially sent "Texas Hold' Em" to country radio on Tuesday, which is the follow-up to her 2016 country-flavored track "Daddy Lessons." When Beyoncé performed "Daddy Lessons" with The Chicks at the CMA Awards that year, it was met with a tidal wave of negative response from country music fans and never caught significant traction in any genre.

However, this time may be different. Killah B produced and co-wrote "Texas Hold' Em" and told TMZ, when asked about collaborations, that Beyoncé was "on the approach of shocking the world."

"I'll let your imagination decide what that means," he told TMZ. Killah B wouldn't confirm how many songs are on the album.

Beyoncé tipped her hat to the upcoming country collection with her sparkling, western-inspired attire at the 2024 Grammy Awards.

Variety reported that KBAY in San Francisco was playing "Texas Hold' Em" and was receiving mixed reviews from listeners - as a station would with any new song.

"But I think people are excited to hear it," says program director and operations manager Bo Matthews. "It's Topic A as a moment in pop culture, and I think if we don't play it, we're missing the moment. I feel like so many artists are coming to country right now. Post Malone is doing country stuff; he's worked with Morgan (Wallen) and Hardy, and was at the Super Bowl doing a country-style rendition of 'America the Beautiful.' Country is the hottest format, and I think the tent is big enough for all these artists to come out and play. If Beyoncé came through their town with a guitar, people would say, 'Sit down, enjoy yourself and play your music.' I don't know why radio wouldn't be the same way. Wanting to be part of this is exciting."

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