Brad Paisley Hits The Jackpot in Marriage And In Las Vegas

Brad Paisley and Jimmie Allen's "Freedom Was a Highway" is nominated for a 2022 CMT Music Award for Collaborative Video. Voting is open now at

Brad Paisley has much to celebrate lately. The country singer just his notched his 25th No. 1 hit with “Freedom Was a Highway” with Jimmie Allen and earned a CMT Music Awards nomination for its video, wrapped his hysterical run of acoustic shows at The Wynn’s Encore Theater in Las Vegas and marked his 19th wedding anniversary to wife actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley.

“Happy Anniversary to this kind, beautiful, and patient being. This is the way. #myjedi #someonewenttogalaxysedgeyesterday,” Paisley posted Tuesday with a photo of the pair in full Star Wars costumes.

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His wife’s tribute, a sweet photo of them from early in their relationship, was more romantic – but just slightly.

“19 years! Spell check just changed “happy anniversary” somehow to “a hoot” and it fits. Honey, you’re a hoot. I love you @bradpaisley ❤️,” she wrote.

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At least she didn’t call him dear. Paisley unveiled a new comedic song in Las Vegas over the weekend that includes the lyrics, “Dear is the same as dumbass.” The audience roared with laughter over the song that is about decoding what women really mean. It was far from the only laughs of the night.

Paisley walked on stage at The Wynn’s Encore Theater with just his acoustic guitar and told fans, “You bought me” and that he would play anything they wanted to hear. He opened the set with “Ticks” prompting a sing-along and followed up with “Celebrity,” and “Then” before he made up a new drinking game. The singer admitted he might be a little out of practice and told people to take a drink when he messed up lyrics.

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He changed the lyrics in “American Saturday Night” in tribute to Ukraine, singing: “There’s a Ukrainian flag hanging behind the bar.”

The audience erupted in cheers.

Over the course of the night, Paisley joked with the audience, told stories posed for pictures and sang plenty of hit songs. He also worked in “Old Alabama,” “I’m Still a Guy,” “He Didn’t Have to Be,” “Letter to Me” and what he called a “director’s cut” of “She’s Everything.”

“She’s a yellow pair of running shoes, a holey pair of jeans, she looks great in cheap sunglasses, she’s a passive-aggressive little thing,” Paisley quipped in the new version as the audience cackled. “She’s, ‘I want of piece of chocolate, damn it.' She snores like a train.”

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He also shared other unrecorded comedic songs. Fans who have seen Paisley before might be familiar with this romantic comedy “First Cousin,” but “Manstruation” and “What Happens in Vegas” are both new.

Without his duet partner, Paisley skipped “Freedom Was A Highway” on Friday night. Vote for Paisley and Allen to win the 2022 CMT Music Award for Collaborative Video of the year now at The 2022 CMT Music Awards, country music’s only fan-voted show will air live from Nashville at 8 p.m. (ET) Monday, April 11 on CBS.

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