Runaway June's Jennifer Wayne Shares Her Experience Battling COVID-19

The Country Singer Revealed She Was "Rocked" By the Respiratory Virus

Jennifer Wayne is sharing the details of her coronavirus battle with fans and followers on social media and revealing what it took for her to fight off the respiratory virus.

Last week, the country singer took to Instagram sharing that she struggled with whether or not to tell her story. She decided to share her version of events in hopes of comforting others who think they may have contracted the virus.

"Everyone is different, and each body’s immune system fights it off in a different way, so I am definitely not saying I have any answers... just wanted to share what I did in case it helps," she wrote on Instagram. "I loaded up on Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, B complex; chaga mushrooms and ZINC! Lots of Zinc.

"I also drank more water and Gatorade then I ever have in my life," she continued. "I wanted to flush that thing out of my system. Those vitamins and staying hydrated and rest were a lifesaver for me."

The Runaway June member revealed that she believes she was exposed to the virus at the grocery store, since it was the only place she had been recently.

Since recovering, Wayne shared she has decided to donate her blood and plasma to help others, alongside a photo of herself holding a sign that states what she is grateful for.

The sign reads: "3 things I'm grateful for... 1. My parents did not get the virus 2. My body, which I have so harshly judged in the past, fought it off and kept me healthy 3. I have had incredible family and friend support. I am a lucky girl.”

Runaway June is made up of Wayne, Naomi Cook and Hannah Mulholland. The group is signed to Wheelhouse Records, and they were nominated for an Academy of Country Music Award for Best New Vocal Group in 2018.

"We are wishing sweet Jen a speedy recovery from the Corona Virus" the group posted on the Runaway June Instagram page. "Hope all of you are staying safe & healthy!! We cannot wait to see you, but until then let’s continue staying home."

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