New Song Reminds Faith Hill of Old Love

"The Rest of Our Life" Started 21 Years Ago

Music can take you back to any moment in time, but can it take you back more than 21 years? If it's the right kind of love song, yes.

At least that's how "The Rest of Our Life" sounded to Faith Hill. In a recent radio interview, Hill revealed that when she first heard the song, she went back to the day she and Tim McGraw decided to get married after meeting (and quickly falling in love) on his Spontaneous Combustion tour in 1996.

"I think both Tim and I agree the first time we heard that song," Hill said, "it immediately reminded me of us, and the feeling that we had the first time that we admitted and decided that we were going to be married.

"(That) we are going to do this, and there was a comfort and a security about that moment that resonates in this song." Her husband agreed, adding what turned him on about the song was its intimacy.

"It's got such an intimacy to the song, and I think that's what really attracted us as well," he said.

"The Rest of Our Life" -- written by Ed Sheeran, Amy Wadge, Johnny McDaid, and Steve Mac -- is the title track from Hill and McGraw's upcoming duets album. And while it takes Hill and McGraw backs to 1996, it may take others back to 1969, because it shares a similar title with the song "What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?" from the soundtrack of The Happy Ending.

The Rest of Our Life (Official Video) by Tim McGraw & Faith Hill on VEVO.

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