Alan Jackson Buddies Up With "Jim and Jack and Hank"

Country Icon Pours Up Another Shot of Musical Goodness

Let’s just go ahead and call Alan Jackson what he is: the master of capturing all things about real life in a country song.

Over his illustrious career, he’s mastered the heartbreak song, the party song, the patriotic, tear-inducing anthem and the ultimate love song. And his newest single, “Jim and Jack and Hank,” is no exception, encompassing all the elements needed to catapult it to the lengthy list of fan favorites.

Why, you ask? Well, yes, it’s groovy as heck and makes you want to shake it just a little, but it’s also it’s a familiar tale we can all relate to.

Jackson says, “It’s a fun little up-tempo tune about the same old story … girl leaves guy and, this time, he’s not going to be heartbroken.”

Yep. A little sass and a shot to chase the heartbreak away is time-honored tactic. Just ask the dude in this ditty.

“He says, ‘Just go out the door and take all your junk and everything. I don’t need anything. I got all I need. I got my friends -- Jim, Jack and Hank—Jim Beam, Jack Daniels and Hank Williams, Sr. or Jr. or both,” Jackson explains.

Not to be left out, Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette, the Georges (Jones and Strait) and his buddy Jimmy Buffett also get special shout-outs, as do José (Cuervo) and Captain Morgan.

So if Jackson were to choose between his old pals Jim and Jack, which friend would he choose?

“I’ve had them all, but I’ve always kind of stood by Jack Daniel’s,” Jackson admits. “He’s helped me through a lot of good and bad times. Helped me write a lot of songs. So he’s a good friend.”

“Jim and Jack and Hank” is the first single from Jackson’s upcoming album, Angels and Alcohol.

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