Premiere: Strung Like A Horse's "Till the Wheels Fall Off" Is A Fun, Bluesy Country Ride

"Drift-triking down the biggest hill in town," the Chattanooga-based quartet deliver an calm and entertaining new video

Chattanooga, TN quartet Strung Like A Horse's claim to fame is delivering Americana music with grit and grandeur. If you're unsure of what that means, the fact that their folk influences bring lap steel guitars, mandolins, and tambourines onto their October 2020-released debut album WHOA! should be telling. However, it's bluesy soul -- as defined by a stirring electric lead guitar -- that also defines the act, especially on their latest single, "Till The Wheels Fall Off."

If also wanting a sense of just who this band is, one look at their video for the single says it all. "We shot the video in and around our hometown of Chattanooga. The days spent shooting were very long, but some of the most fun we've ever had shooting a video," says the band's frontman and the video's director, Clay Maselle. "Drift-triking down the biggest hill in town, tossing fake babies across traffic, while tourists try to decide if they need to call the cops! Luckily, the weather turned out to be incredible, which never seems to happen."

Drift trikes? Yes, drift trikes. Masselle continues, "We were looking for adult Big Wheels and ended up finding the drift trikes---they looked terrifying, so we decided to go with it!"

"The song is about a couple who are taking off on a road trip living like there might not be a tomorrow. It’s about taking chances, being spontaneous and adventurous. Doesn’t matter where they go or when; they are just happy to be goin’, livin’, and doin’ it together," Masselle adds regarding the song's meaning. "This song is about dropping all the worry and living life in the moment."

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