Jason Aldean Shares Story Behind His Wedding Band

Rubber Jewelry Is Insurance Against an Injury He Can’t Afford to Experience

It's all fun and games until someone loses a finger, and Jason Aldean definitely does not want that to happen.

Last summer, Jimmy Fallon made headlines when he tripped on his kitchen rug and on his way down, he nearly lost his left ring finger. What happened was his wedding ring got caught on the counter top, got stuck and nearly ripped his finger completely off. The injury is called a ring avulsion, and Googling it is not recommended. The images are graphic and just plain gross.

Aldean can’t afford any hand injuries at the moment as the ACM’s reigning entertainer of the year who is the middle of his Six String Circus tour with Thomas Rhett and A Thousand Horses. And his seventh studio album They Don’t Know landed Sept. 9. There is just too much on the line.

To protect their valuable left paws from a future accident like a ring avulsion, Aldean and Fallon each wear rubber rings and keep their real wedding jewelry in safe places. Aldean gets his rubber ring from a company called Qalo, and he has several in many colors.

“If I’m hunting or whatever and it gets hung on something, it will just rip the ring off,” he says. “It won’t rip your finger off. It’s comfortable. I can play sports or do whatever, and it doesn’t scratch my guitar.”

If he doesn’t own one already, he’ll need to get a pink one for when he performs his 11th annual Concert for the Cure as part of the eighth annual Opry Goes Pink concert in Nashville on Oct. 25. That night, he will “flip the switch,” turning the Grand Ole Opry’s barn backdrop pink for two shows.

A $5 portion of every ticket sold for the event will benefit the Susan G. Komen Nashville chapter and the non-profit Women Rock for the Cure, the latter of which is an outreach program that supports young women diagnosed with breast cancer. Additionally, a portion of each ticket sold from his national tour will go to Susan G. Komen.

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