Is the Fantasy Nashville Better Than the Reality Nashville?

The problem with a reality series about Nashville is that I think the fantasy is just so much better. (Which would explain why the non-reality Nashville, the ABC drama, is so damn good, right?) However, A&E has just ordered to series this new show called Crazy Hearts: Nashville. It's being called a docu-series and will reportedly chronicle the lives of aspiring country music artists and insiders for eight hour-long episodes. You'll see them balance life, love and the pursuit of stardom. And according to the Hollywood Reporter, the series will have love triangles and fiery relationships that will cause rivalry both on and offstage. So maybe it will feel like watching the Real Housewives or the Kardashsians, but with banjo? And less Jimmy Choo and more Old Gringo?

I guess if you're curious about the lives of those real-life starving artists and the people who work with them, the series will definitely be a season-long recording on your DVR. But since I love to hate Juliette, Avery and that miserable whiner of a mayor Teddy on the ABC series , I think I'll stay far from reality and just keep up with my fantasy Nashville. Between Rayna and Deacon (and Teddy), plus Scarlett and Gunnar (and Avery), I have enough love triangles to keep straight. And as for fiery relationships, there's always Brad Paisley's wife's character Peggy and whoever she's sleeping with and pissing off. Plus, who wants reality when Nashville's fictional-but-legendary star had a baby out of wedlock with her lead guitar player and has to finally come to terms with things since the baby is now a teenager and has discovered the truth?

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