LISTEN: Kacey Musgraves Previews Two New Songs

The artist sang previews of songs tentatively titled "Camera Roll" and "If I Was An Angel"

While a guest on cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Maya Shankar's A Slight Change of Plans podcast, Kacey Musgraves sang previews of two songs tentatively titled "Camera Roll" and "If I Was An Angel," which could be expected to be included in her Greek tragedy–inspired forthcoming album, the followup to her 2018-released, Grammy-winning album Golden Hour.

Early in the podcast, Musgraves sang a verse and the chorus from “Camera Roll,” a song about going through old pictures after her 2020 divorce from fellow country musician Ruston Kelly. “Chronological order / Ain’t nothing but torture,” she sang. “Scroll too far back / That’s what you get.” “I just, like, could barely get through,” Musgraves said of starting the song. “I was like the ugly kind of, like, little-kid cry," Musgraves told the host.

Toward the end of the podcast, Musgraves teased “If I Was an Angel,” after Dr. Shankar asked the musician about songs about change. “If I was an angel / I’d never have to change,” she sang. “I’d never have to change / But something’s gotta change," she sang.

Musgraves also offered that the yet-to-be-titled project will comprise three acts of five songs each, similar to the arc of a Greek tragedy. She described another song, "Star-Crossed," as inspired by Romeo and Juliet. “I love the definition of ‘star-crossed’ because it’s two people who love each other so much, but they just cannot make it work because even the universe is against them. I resonate a lot with that with my personal story and what I’ve been through, so I was like, okay, ‘Star-Crossed’ — I have to write that.”

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