Jenna Paulette's "Country In The Girl" Celebrates How "Dang Proud" She Is of Her Roots

"I love that country music is a story telling genre," notes the CMT Discovery Artist

Regarding her latest single, "Country In The Girl," Texas native Jenna Paulette excitedly notes regarding the meaning of the song to her, "Don’t take yourself too seriously and it’s pretty sweet being country. It’s something to be dang proud of!"

Paulette recently inked a music publishing deal with Sea Gayle Music, and penned "Country In The Girl" with Jeb Gipson and Smith Ahnquist. The video for the song was directed by Zack Dyer and Thomas Heney.

In relation to the track's unique video storytelling, Paulette--a CMT Discovery Artist--continues, "I love that country music is a story telling genre. We wanted to keep it simple and just play out the song in music video form. So we did that, [and] I played both roles (city and country girl) to make sure I didn’t alienate anybody because we can all find ourself in both the characters in some ways—nobody knows everything. I also wanted this video to tell the real life story of people that live this song on a daily basis. The juxtaposition between what it’s really like and what people might think it’s like to live in the country."

Regarding the "country" and "city" elements portrayed in the video, she adds, "It was raining that morning and I was praying for God to give us the day/lighting we needed for the whole thing—and the sky opened up and the whole day was perfect. It felt like a sweet little miracle. The other thing I remember so very vividly is how I felt being 'blonde' in that wig for the first time. I could not take myself seriously. I have never had any other color hair but auburn/brunette and I felt a little out of my element but it was SO dang fun. I guess when I start to go grey I don’t have to be afraid of how I’d look if I had to go blonde," she says with a laugh. "Lastly, I LOVED gathering cattle that morning. I could do that every day and it would always make me feel the most like myself. It was a breath of fresh air and comfort within the craziness and fun of shooting a music video."

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