Thomas Rhett Celebrates a Milestone

"Make Me Wanna" Is Third No. 1 Single From His Debut Album

Let’s make a toast to Thomas Rhett, who just became the first solo male artist in 20 years to snag three Billboard country airplay No. 1 singles from a full-length debut album.

“Is that stat even real?” Rhett asked at his No. 1 party for the groovy, hit “Make Me Wanna.”

Yes. Yes it is.

Ever a humble soul, it’s a tough stat for Rhett to process.

The singer-songwriter sat with his co-writers Larry McCoy and Bart Butler and recalled the moment “Make Me Wanna” came to life.

“I remember that day, writing that song,” he said. “This was pre writing to tracks, I think, and so I remember we walked in -- and had a guitar -- and I was like, ‘Man, play me some funky chords.’”

And then came the two opening riffs to “Make Me Wanna.”

“I’ve still got the horrible work tape on my phone of just me singing it out of tune and me trying to play a solo or something!” he chuckled.

But the day was too much fun for the song to not turn out to be a success.

“We had fun that day in the writing room. And it was something that I had never done before … writing in this genre, if you will,” Rhett admits. “I had fun doing it, and I have fun playing it live. And I can’t really expect my fans to have fun listening to my music if I didn’t have any fun making it.”

That personal philosophy has afforded Rhett the undeniable success he’s enjoyed in such an arguably brief amount of time on the charts.

“It’s crazy,” he said. “I can’t believe we’re sitting on our sixth single, and to have three number ones off your debut record, it’s a humbling thing,” he said.

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