CMT Premiere: Julia Cole Empowers Women To Move On In "Thank God We Broke Up"

Julia Cole filmed the video for "Thank God We Broke Up" in a hotel room while on tour with David Lee Murphy.

Julia Cole is known for her honest, emotional real-world songwriting, and "Thank God We Broke Up" is no exception.

Cole wrote the breakup anthem with David Asher Mescon, Steven Battey, Cole Burkett and Josh Ronen, and is about rebounding from the end of a relationship to discover she's much happier with her friends than the wrong romantic partner.

Lyrics include: Thank God we broke up| Cause you wouldn't grow up| Drink so much you'd throw up| And leave me at the party| Thank God we broke up| I finally had enough| Cause you never showed up| When I needed you

Cole co-produced the song with Ronen, and she shot the video with producer and director Alejandro Medina III in a hotel room while she was on tour with David Lee Murphy.

"It was one of those settings you find that's so perfect you can't miss the opportunity," she said. "We filmed the entire video post-show, after midnight."

While they filmed scenes outside the hotel room, Cole said they removed them because they discovered they didn't need them.

"The phone call feels like such a natural metaphor for closure because you can truly hang up and bring it all to an end," she said. "I have lots of songs with lyric flips and clever wordplay, but just like the video, the lyric of 'Thank God We Broke Up' keeps things simple, to the point, and relatable. Gratitude for getting out of a bad relationship is a feeling strong enough that it doesn't need to be dressed up for people to grab onto it."

In the clip, Cole sits on the dresser in the hotel holding the receiver to a landline telephone as if she's singing the lyrics to her former boyfriend. To make the video more personal, she included some of her favorite wardrobe pieces that Bluff Agency customized with fabrics from one of her grandfather's favorite shirts.

While her "Poppy" died within months of filming the video, she said she knows he would smile knowing one of his shirts was used in her video.

Cole wanted to create an empowering, fun and better-off-without-you vibe with the video, and she thinks she accomplished it.

"I hope that people everywhere know that they are strong enough to get past the pain of a breakup and that the light at the end of the tunnel is a beautiful realization that anyone willing to lose you is not worth giving your heart to… especially if they were hurting you throughout the relationship," she said.

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