Tim McGraw Gets High School Football Restriction

Wife Puts Her Foot Down About Arguing With Game Officials

Admit it. Your parents embarrassed you as a kid -- and Tim McGraw’s family is apparently now experiencing the same feeling.

In a recent interview with radio station KMLE/Phoenix, McGraw acknowledged that he pretty much embarrasses his daughters simply by “walking out of the house.” For his better half, Faith Hill, certain behaviors make her want to crawl under a set of bleachers.

Oh, yes. It’s his behavior at football games.

McGraw is a huge football fan and loves to get out and watch high school games. He’ll occasionally even help out on the sidelines by running the chains.

Sounds harmless enough, so why is Hill concerned? It’s because his behavior might be a little too spirited.

Apparently, McGraw has a tendency to argue with the game’s officials when he’s working the chains.

“It’s like I can’t operate the chains and yell at the officials,” McGraw joked. “My wife actually banned me from doing that anymore at high school football games. I can’t run the chains anymore.”

So it’s back to the stands again for McGraw. But don’t worry. He’ll take center stage again when his brand new album arrives on Nov. 6.

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