CMT Premiere: O.N.E The Duo Hopes Energetic New Video For "Feels Good" Reminds Viewers Of Their Families

Prana Supreme Diggs: "You see our lovely matriarch dropping it low, and me doing a little two-step down the train."

O.N.E The Duo – comprised of mother-daughter pair Tekitha Washington and Prana Supreme Diggs – hopes the video for their new song has an impact on viewers that reflects the song's title.

They wrote "Feels Good" alongside Shane Stevens and Nash Overstreet, who also produced the song. Henry Atticus produced the fun-filled video, and Ana Peralta Chong directed it.

Diggs said she and her mom had family and friends come in from all over the country to be in the music video and they knew it was going to be a "great time" before they even got started. The experience did not disappoint.

"The memory that mainly sticks out for us is the soul train line that happened near the end of the shoot," Diggs said. "At this point, most of the food was gone, we were starting to lose the light, and it was now or never to get the final shots."

The director wanted to get more b-roll of people dancing, so they put "Feels Good" back on, formed a line, and started dancing.

"It's definitely one of our favorite sections of the music video," she said. "You see our lovely matriarch dropping it low, and me doing a little two-step down the train. Even our stylist made an appearance. Everyone is laughing and cheering, and it's at this moment you can tell they all forgot we were being filmed."

Diggs explained the core of the song is about having fun and not letting labels determine if you like something. She said if it sounds good, it makes her feel good.

"With this video, that's what we wanted to portray," she said. "Just joy and love and the family connection. We also wanted to be sure to bring our California flair into the visuals, as it may not be as obvious in the song. We didn't go to church on Sundays, but we did have a kickback/cookout."

Everyone in the video is a family member or longtime friend of O.N.E. The Duo, and Diggs said it wasn't a music video shoot as much as it was a mini-documentary about what their family cookouts look like. They hope the video for "Feels Good" reminds viewers of their own families, and the mother-daughter team was "overjoyed" when they saw the finished clip.

"It felt like watching a really polished home video," Diggs said. "Our shoot day was very hectic, so I want to give a special shoutout to our director Ana Peralta Chong, the AD Henry Daugherty and the matriarch of our family, Carolynn, who helped keep the train moving. Coordinating about 30 people from ages 2 to 70 is no easy task. It really takes a village, and that all shone through on our first watch of the final cut. This was a labor of love, and we're so proud of everyone."

Washington and Diggs are music royalty, although possibly unfamiliar to country music fans. Washington performed with Wu-Tang Clan had Diggs with RZA, the group's de-facto leader. O.N.E. The Duo has been collaborating since 2018.

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