TUNE-IN: An Archive Deep Dive Into Randy Travis' Demos

Songs Like "Fool's Love Affair" Truly Stand the Test of Time

There might've been a little dust on the demo, but when some friends of Randy Travis found one of his demos for a song he recorded in 1982, it still held up.

On this weekend's CMT Hot 20, Randy Travis and his wife Mary share their story of how one of the songs he recorded 38 years ago is finally being released now.

"Fool's Love Affair" was penned by Charlie Monk, Milton Brown and Keith Stegall. "I think Randy demoed it before he ever even had a record label," Mary Travis told Cody Alan. "And so it had kind of been lost in Charlie Monk's archives. He surfaced with it about three or four years ago. He sent us a link to it and he said, 'Hey, what do you think of this song?'"

Randy remembered putting it down, she said, but he didn't remember the time or the date. But everyone around Travis knew that the song had stood the test of time, so they sent the demo to their longtime producer Kyle Lehning.

Monk eventually found the masters to the song when he was cleaning out more of his Music Row office -- thank God for archives and small miracles -- and the Travis' explained how Lehning worked his magic on the freshened-up version of the song. He used Travis's original vocals and added new fiddle, steel guitar and electric guitar to the single.

"It's a neat song. It's three chords and the truth," Mary added, "just like a good old country song. And it's just like so many of Randy Travis' songs: from the first note, it's Randy Travis."

When it was time to listen to the finished product on the old/new song, the Travis' went into the recording studio for the first time since 2013. "(Travis) just kind of came to life in this studio. That's so much his home away from home -- in that studio making the music is what he loves doing," Mary said.

Watch the full interview with Randy Travis and his wife Mary when Hot 20 Countdown airs on CMT at 8:00 a.m. CT on August 8-9.

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