Jon Pardi Talks New Album, 5th No. 1 "Last Night Lonely"

Jon Pardi didn't shy away from stacking his new album with 14 songs - including a talker called "Reverse Cowgirl"

Jon Pardi is celebrating September with a new album and a No. 1 song.

Pardi just notched his fifth No. 1 song with "Last Night Lonely," which is from his fourth studio album, "Mr. Saturday Night," which will be available Friday. Pardi told Audacy's Katie & Company that his songs typically reach the Top 10 but don't go to No. 1. The success of "Last Night Lonely" isn't lost on Pardi.

"We knew there was something there, and we knew it was a little different, but it kind of reminded us of 'Night Shift,' and we love 'Night Shift,'" Pardi said. "But this was more of a first-time romantic kind of thing. It just had a cool tempo, and it was a sweet meaning of a guy coming on to a girl. It was romantic, better written, more furniture as we say as songwriters."

In addition, the song is the first chart-topper for its songwriters, Joe Fox, Jimi Bell and Dylan Marlowe.

"Last Night Lonely" is one of 14 songs from the album that he co-produced with Bart Butler and Ryan Gore.

The album is also home to "Revere Cowgirl," a title that has everyone talking. But, Pardi said the song isn't what people think it is. He's had the funny, pretty, romantic song on hold since 2020, he said.

"Jake Owen made sure he called every three months until he knew I recorded that song," Pardi said. "He's like, 'Well, if you don't want it, you know I want that song!' Chase Rice texts me like, 'Dude, did you record 'Reverse Cowgirl' yet? I cannot wait!'"

Pardi describes "Reverse Cowgirl" as a sad song from the perspective of a guy who just wants his cowgirl to come home.

"Now, it may have a little twist in there, and it's for your mind to think about," Pardi said. "It's the best, dirtiest, cleanest thing you can have… It's got a funny, humorous twist to it, but it's also really pretty and really romantic in a way. When I first heard it [in 2020], I was like, 'Man, there ain't no way! There ain't no way!"

However, after COVID-19 struck, the singer decided the world needed to hear the song. It's one of many he recorded for the album. And even though he's about to release 14 songs, Pardi said there's still more in his pipeline.

"It was looser," he said of the recording process. "We didn't know what we wanted, but we knew we wanted good songs. We recorded more songs because we knew we were having a deluxe. It was fun. We wanted to dig into some stuff that was more personal and bring me and (wife) Summer into this."

He said "Hung the Moon" is one of my favorite love songs in the collection, as well as "The Day I Stop Dancin'."

"They had me and Summer in mind when they wrote that song," Pardi said of the writers Bart Butler, Justin Ebach and Josh Thompson.

Jon Pardi’s Mr. Saturday Night Track List:

1. “Mr. Saturday Night” (Benjy Davis, Reid Isbell, Joe Ragosta)

2. “Fill ‘Er Up” (Jon Pardi, Ross Copperman, Brice Long)

3. “Last Night Lonely” (Jimi Bell, Joe Fox, Dylan Marlowe)

4. “Neon Light Speed” (Andy Albert, Josh Dorr, Paul DiGiovanni)

5. “New Place To Drink” (Jon Pardi, Jessie Jo Dillon, Luke Laird)

6. “Your Heart Or Mine” (Bart Butler, Justin Ebach, John Pierce)

7. “Santa Cruz” (Jon Pardi, Luke Laird)

8. “Longneck Way To Go” (Midland featuring Jon Pardi) (Rhett Akins, Jess Carson, Cameron Duddy, Ashley Gorley, Mark Wystrach)

9. “Raincheck” (Will Bundy, John Edwards, Michael Tyler)

10. “Workin’ On A New One” (Jon Pardi, Rhett Akins, Luke Laird)

11. “Hung The Moon” (Will Bundy, John Morgan, Jameson Rodgers)

12. “The Day I Stop Dancin’” (Bart Butler, Justin Ebach, Josh Thompson)

13. “Smokin’ A Doobie” (Jon Pardi, Rhett Akins, Luke Laird)

14. “Reverse Cowgirl” (Zack Dyer, Joe Fox, Jared Scott)

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