Kane Brown Wants To Be The Strongest Star In Country Music And Challenges Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw reveals rivalry-like text messages he received from Kane Brown.

Kane Brown and Tim McGraw are currently battling it out to be the “strongest star” in country music. The “7500 OBO” singer recently (June 6) caught up with Big Machine Label Group to discuss his exercise goals and how Brown challenged him to a friendly fitness competition.

In 2020, Brown made a promise to himself to become the “most shredded guy in country music” after fellow industry star commented on his weight.

“I work out every day. I have not missed one day. Miss RaeLynn made me hit the gym a little harder. She called me fat one day at a pool party, and I was like, ‘Okay, alright. Let’s see if I’m fat in a couple of months,” the hitmaker shared during CMT’s Off The Road special.

Since that day, the father of two transformed his body and embarked on a wellness journey. Brown declared that he stopped drinking beer, turned to just water, eliminated sugar, fast food, and only munchies on “chicken and rice.”

In a recent interview with Men’s Health, Brown also revealed that Granger Smith inspired him to go the extra mile to get “ripped.” In order to reach his fitness goals, he created a robust workout schedule to keep him in check.

“Whenever I’m in town, [it’s] Monday: weightlifting, like chest and biceps. And then Tuesday would be boxing, which works your legs, cardio, and abs,” he explained to the outlet. “And then Wednesday, back and triceps. Thursday, back to boxing. And then Friday, we would do shoulders. And then probably biceps again.”

When BMLG mentioned that Brown was aiming to be the most muscular male within the genre and knock him out from the top, McGraw placed emphasis on his age.

“He’s a lot younger than I am,” said the hitmaker in response. “I’m sure he won’t have any problem with that,” he added.

McGraw continued to share that Brown reached out early on in his training to provoke a friendly rivalry.

“He actually sent me a message a couple of times when he started hammering it pretty hard, he says, ‘I’m comin’ after you, I’m comin’ after you!’ And I was like, ‘Come on brother, come on,’” McGraw recalled.

The icon was not the only country crooner Brown challenged, as he once took to social media to egg on Tyler Hubbard, Chris Lane, Jimmie Allen, and Jon Pardi. Although McGraw has agreed to the battle, not much changed in McGraw’s fitness routine.

The 55-year-old legend has prioritized fitness since he starred in “Four Christmases.” McGraw mentioned that his daughter Gracie pointed out his weight gain on the television screen, and that’s when he altered his habits.

After his big-screen appearance, McGraw focused on his rock-solid triceps and washboard abs. Whether the vocalist is home or on the road, he continues his healthy lifestyle. McGraw recently revealed the rigorous high-intensity bootcamp he completes while touring.

The chart-topping artist recruited openers Russell Dickerson and Brandon Davis to join in on the fun while on his 2022 nationwide trek. For McGraw’s full-fledged fitness routine, click here.

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