Tigirlily Gold Talks Breakups, Moving On and CMT's Next Women of Country

The sister duo said their new single "I Tried A Ring On" is "all about just that frustrating part of having to start over again."

Sister duo Tigirlily Gold explores a different side of heartbreak in their new song "I Tried a Ring On," which showcases the sisters' songwriting prowess and vulnerability.

Kendra and Krista Slaubaugh delve into the depth of brokenness after discovering the person they thought was forever was only temporary.

"There are breakup songs that are heart-wrenching and so honest, but we noticed a lot of these breakup songs talk about how hard it is to get over that person," Krista said. "But we noticed there wasn't a ton of songs that talk about how hard it's to start over once you had split."

Krista assured she's fine now but thinks she manifested her own breakup with "I Tried A Ring On."

"It's all about just that frustrating part of having to start over again," she explained.

The women wrote "I Tried A Ring On" with Pete Good and Josh Jenkins. Good also produced the song.

Lyrics include: It felt so good to let myself go there| 'Cause when I slipped it on my hand| My mind drove down the road| Where I saw the dress, pictured the place| I closed my eyes, and I heard this song|I tried a ring on

"If you're in a serious relationship, you picture your future wedding together; you picture your whole life together with that person," Krista said. "It does have a sense of empowerment to it as well. No matter how tough it is or how devastated you are, you are going to be okay. But it is okay to feel those emotions. It's just that shock a little bit. You thought you had forever with that person."

"I Tried A Ring On" comes on the heels of the duo's new EP "Blonde," which they released in 2023. The sisters said an entire album might be on the way. "I Tried A Ring On" is now on country radio, and they can't wait to go on tour and perform for fans.

In addition, the North Dakota natives were recently named to CMT's 2024 Next Women of Country class.

"For us, it's all about lifting other women up," Kendra said. "Obviously, we are a sister band, so female empowerment is very important to us. But being women in music is very much about being confident in yourself and your music and your abilities and working extremely hard and being kind to people on the way up and on the way down. There's been so many women in this class that we've looked up to for so long, and so to know that we're part of this class now, hopefully we can be an inspiration to maybe the next class of country music women as well. So, we hold that to a high standard."

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