2023 CMT Music Awards: Blake Shelton Nods To "Austin," Brings High Energy Boot Scootin' with "No Body"

About one dozen dancers fanned across the stage as Blake Shelton sings about his sweetheart in "No Body"

Blake Shelton set the tone for the 2023 CMT Music Awards on Sunday when he opened the show with a line from his signature song, "Austin," and then flowed into his new high-energy hit, "No Body."

"Hey Austin, I still love you," Shelton said from a darkened stage.

Then the band kicked in on "No Body." His backdrop, fashioned to look like custom Blake Shelton neon illuminated the sold-out arena. Clips of the singer's vintage music videos played on miniature televisions incorporated into the background like patchwork.

Shelton ambled across the stage and up and the catwalks singing: Don't wanna scoot the boots with no body| Get straight tequila drunk on no body| Wrap these arms around no body|No body but yours

As the Oklahoman worked the neon platform, a dozen dancers doing a sassy, boot-slappin' country dance fan across the stage. They grind, lept, and kicked up their heels as Shelton walked nonchalantly among them, singing about being loyal to one person.

Streams of steam exploded from the edges of the platform, and the dancers continued their fancy footwork, juxtaposing to Shelton's laid-back demeanor.

Shelton recently concluded his Back to the Honky Tonk Tour and will wrap his 12-year run as a coach on "The Voice" this season.