Doug Supernaw Jailed in Houston

Doug Supernaw, known for his No. 1 country hit “I Don’t Call Him Daddy,” is behind bars in Houston for failing to pay $135,000 in overdue child support and for contempt of court, according to reports from a Houston media outlet. His official Web site,, acknowledges the situation: “Doug was arrested on Oct. 4 for not paying back child support. After he has served 10 days for contempt he will go back to the judge. As it looks now, all shows appear to be on hold.” Supernaw, 41, was held in contempt of court after allegedly lashing out at a Harris County court judge when she handed him a six-month jail sentence, Houston television station KPRC reports. The country star was found guilty of not paying child support for four children — two he fathered with his ex-wife and two he adopted from his ex-wife’s previous marriage. “They’re suing me for child support when I’m having trouble putting beans on the table, but yet they have money to hire attorneys,” Supernaw told KPRC. “I Don’t Call Him Daddy” is about a father and son separated by divorce and financial hardship. In the mid ’90s, Supernaw scored two other Top 5 hits, “Reno” and “Not Enough Hours in the Night.” He released his last album, Fadin’ Renegade, on independent Tack Records in 1999. 10/09/01