McGraw Show Is Hot, Literally, With Pepper Spray

When Tim McGraw performed at the 7th House nightclub in Pontiac, Michigan, on Friday recently, as part of his Bread & Water Tour, during the second hour of the show someone in the audience, possibly on the dance floor, sprayed pepper spray into the air and caused the show to end. McGraw had just returned to the stage to perform again, after Ray Benson with Asleep at The Wheel had sung a few tunes. McGraw was in the midst of taking requests from the audience when the trouble began. A lady donated $500 to the local Child Abuse and Neglect Council of Oakland County, where proceeds for the entire night would go, if she could sit on stage with McGraw as he performed “For A Little While” and receive a hug. As the song began, the air filled with pepper spray, causing him to drop to his knees and gasp for air. McGraw and the patron were immediately taken off stage and given oxygen, and their faces were spritzed with water to restore normal breathing and to lessen the choking sensation in McGraw’s throat. The club was cleared due to the danger as the spray filled the entire club after being absorbed into the air ducts of the venue. The female patron never received her hug (or the song). Instead, she showed up the next day during the meet and greet at the George Strait Festival at Detroit’s Pontiac Superdome to receive her hug. She was wearing the limited edition Bread & Water T-shirt and had embossed on the back “I was maced on stage with Tim McGraw at the Bread & Water show,” which McGraw quickly graced with his signature! Proceeds from the night, despite the show’s demise, totaled nearly $10,000, bringing tour to date contributions to $85,000.