New Hall of Fame Hosts First Live Music

Here’s a note for country music historians and trivia buffs. On Thursday (Nov. 16) the first live music was performed inside the new Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in downtown Nashville. The performers were Mark McGuinn, vocals and guitar; Bill Davidson, banjo; and Brian Pruett, djembe. The ad hoc trio did two songs for a group of 20 travel writers who were being shown through the new attraction. “It was set up through my publicist, Liz Thiels,” McGuinn explains. “We played my single, ’That’s A Plan,’ which is going to be coming out at the end of February [on VFR Records], and a song called ’One Of Their Own.'” Thiels also handles publicity for the Hall of Fame. Although there was live music played during the groundbreaking ceremonies for the new facility, Hall of Fame spokesman Keith Wright confirms that Thursday’s mini-show was the first to take place within the actual confines of the building, which is set to open next May.