Chick Singer Records Duet

Before the Dixie Chicks hit the stage Saturday night (Sept. 9) in Nashville, lead singer Natalie Maines spent some time in the studio with Charlie Robison (husband of Dixie Chick Emily Robison). The pair recorded a Robison-penned duet, “The Wedding Song.” “I kinda wrote a song about being a newlywed from a small town in Texas, ’cause we both are,” Robison told “It just kinda worked out that we both are at the same kind of place.” Charlie and Emily married in 1999. Maines met her husband, actor Adrian Pasdar, at the wedding and they were married in June. Maines is expecting her first child in April. “The Wedding Song” will be included on Robison’s second album for Lucky Dog, due in January. The witty singer/songwriter, featured on CMT’s Western Beat show, played an outdoor set before the Chicks’ Nashville concert. “My wife and I, as you might imagine, don’t get to see each other very often, so this was a paid way for us to get to see each other,” Robison said. “So now I’m going to go back and drink their beer while they’re working.”