Chick Chatter

If you didn’t catch the actual debut of the new Dixie Chicks video on CMT July 28th, simply go to CMT and you’re guaranteed to catch it within a matter of minutes. The video’s song “Ready To Run,” along with Martina McBride’s new “I Love You,” both are featured on the new Julia Roberts and Richard Gere film Runaway Bride. The new Chicks video features the trio running away from their fictional weddings. They exit the clip on bicycles — riding through a child’s birthday party, over a car and eventually into a pool. The Chicks’ sell-out show Thursday night at the Charlotte Coliseum reeled in a record $100,000 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Opening up for the Chicks were Emily’s new hubby/artist Charlie Robison and huge Chicks influence Ricky Skaggs, who jammed with the girls on stage. PLUS! — Chicks Loved At Lilith … Critics have said that the Chicks stole the show during their first Lilith Fair performance. The Chicks teamed up with Sheryl Crow, the Pretenders and Sarah McLachlan at the Rose Bowl recently.