Black to Re-Open Owens’ Crystal Palace

Clint Black will perform at Buck Owens’ music venue, the Crystal Palace, in Bakersfield, Calif., on Tuesday night (April 4). The concert officially marks the reopening of the club, which has been closed since Owens’ death on Saturday (March 25). “Buck Owens helped shape and define the sound of country music for my generation,” Black said. “At a time when his sound was being called ’Rebel,’ his music was setting the industry ablaze and filling dance floors. As the years went by, whenever anyone wanted to cite names that typified the ’country sound,’ Buck Owens was sure to be included on a very short list of greats. I was able to spend little bits of time with Buck over the years, and he couldn’t have been more fun to be around. I know he has joined his sorely missed buddy Don Rich, as well as the other greats, to bring them to their feet in Heaven. The Bakersfield Sound lives on both here and there.”