Garth Brooks’ Ex-Wife Safe Following Abduction

Authorities in Oklahoma are continuing the investigation into Monday night’s (April 3) abduction of Sandy Brooks, Garth Brooks’ ex-wife, at her home in Owasso, Okla., located approximately 15 miles north of Tulsa. She escaped her captor a few minutes later and was not injured. The abduction occurred when bail bondsmen showed up on her property during a search for Quintine Cornelius Harper who failed to appear in court on an embezzlement case is Tulsa County. Harper, believed to be in his mid-20s, had been working on the property and was staying in an apartment located in the barn. After Brooks cooperated with a bail bondsman who wanted to arrest the worker, Harper abducted her at gunpoint and forced her to drive him away. After just a few miles, Brooks stopped the vehicle and ran into a convenience store. Owasso police apprehended Harper as he attempted to flee through a field. Harper is charged with kidnapping and weapons offenses. Garth Brooks and Sandy Mahl married in 1986 and divorced in 2000. None of the couple’s three children were present when the kidnapping occurred. Garth Brooks, who lives nearby, married Trisha Yearwood in December.