Sara Evans Says Husband Made Unauthorized $274,000 Transfer

Sara Evans’ attorneys have filed an amended complaint that accuses her husband, Craig Schelske, of removing $274,000 from their joint bank account in Tennessee on the day she filed divorce proceedings against him. In the original complaint filed Thursday (Oct. 12) in a court in Franklin, Tenn., Evans lists adultery and Schelske’s involvement with pornography as grounds for the divorce. After the complaint was filed, a judge issued a temporary restraining order prohibiting Schelske from threatening Evans, taking their three minor children to Oregon and from viewing pornography in the presence of their children. A temporary restraining order granted Monday (Oct. 16) further prohibits Schelske from withdrawing money from the couple’s joint bank accounts. In the amended complaint, Evans’ attorneys note, “During their marriage, the parties have accumulated substantial assets that were earned almost exclusively by the wife. In addition, during the marriage, the wife’s financial advisor … has paid the living expenses of the parties in Tennessee, Oregon and California.” The complaint claims Schelske moved $207,500 from their joint bank accounts into another joint account established for the couple’s church tithes before transferring the entire balance into a checking account listed in his name only at a Portland, Ore., bank. Before the transfer, the tithe account’s balance was $66,500. The complaint states, “After depositing $207,500 into the … tithe account on Oct. 12, 2006, the husband liquidated the entire balance of the tithe account in the amount of approximately $274,000.” The restraining order also prohibits Schelske from withdrawing funds from the Oregon bank. Schelske has denied all claims in Evans’ original divorce complaint.